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International Market Update: 3 Tariff Rounds To Be Aware Of

By Point To Point on December, 12 2018
Point To Point

CHINA TARIFFS  --  There are currently 3 rounds of increases targeting 3 different groups of products and HTS#’s from China, PRC.   Click on the yellow numbers below to access the HTS listing for each round. 

 Round 1 -- 25% went into effect on July 6.

 Round 2 -- 25% was effective August 23.

 Round 3 -- is being implemented in 2 phases.  Phase 1 is 10%, effective Sept 24, and Phase 2 will add an additional 15% on Jan. 1, 2019. UPDATE: The increase to 25% for List 3 is now delayed until March 1

We will be happy to answer your questions about these tariffs and their effect on your supply chain costs, but please know that this research can take quite a bit of time, and there will be some costs for this effort. 

STEEL & ALUMINUM -- While there have been additional tariffs on these two commodities from virtually all countries since March 23 in the amounts of 25% and 10% respectively, the tariffs on these items from Turkey is now 50% and 20%, respectively.  For a list of affected articles, see HERE

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