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3 Best Practices To Avoid Cargo Customs Clearance Disasters
By Point To Point on April 24, 2017

The challenges of importing and exporting can be complex and tedious. And while shippers and their logistics partners work hard together to create...

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International Update: 2017 Ocean Carrier And Rates Outlook [video]
By Point To Point on March 30, 2017

Charlie McGee, Averitt's Vice President of International Solutions, recently sat down to discuss the state of the international ocean market....

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Protecting Your Supply Chain From Cybersecurity Threats
By Point To Point on March 28, 2017

Transportation and supply chain cybersecurity rank among the top concerns of shippers, according to a 2016 survey by Wills Towers Watson....

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Drivers: An Extension Of Your Business
By Point To Point on March 17, 2017

The person driving your product from point A to point B provides more than safe, reliable transportation. For every hour they are associated with...

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Supply Chain, Technology

3 Ways A Transportation Management System Improves Shipping Efficiency
By Point To Point on February 24, 2017

Employing a transportation management system into your business may sound like a daunting challenge to undertake. However, the potential return on...

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Supply Chain, Retail, Case Studies

Shipper On Point: How SalonCentric Cuts Waste & Improves Order Windows
By Point To Point on January 25, 2017

Partnering for Measurable Supply Chain Improvements Reducing Tons Of Supply Chain Waste SalonCentric, a nationwide wholesale salon and beauty...

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Industry News, Supply Chain, Trucking

Warning Signs: A Perfect Storm For Truckload Capacity
By Point To Point on January 24, 2017

When we asked shippers what their biggest challenges were in our 2017 State of The North American Supply Chain Survey, only 11 percent said they...

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Industry News, Supply Chain

Plan Ahead: 2017 North American Supply Chain Survey Results [Whitepaper]
By Point To Point on January 6, 2017

As we approached the end of 2016, we conducted our second annual supply chain survey with shippers throughout the country and North America. By...

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International, Industry News

2016 Logistics Review: 4 Events That Shook The Supply Chain
By Point To Point on December 27, 2016

Can you believe that another year is coming to a close? 2016 was full of surprises for shippers and supply chain professionals. Many of the...

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Supply Chain

4 Best Practices To Protect Your Supply Chain From Winter Weather [With gifs]
By Point To Point on December 19, 2016

Winter is upon us, and businesses throughout North America are running in high gear to meet end-of-the-year deadlines and to prepare for 2017. At...

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