2021 State Of The North American Supply Chain Survey Results

Find Out What Nearly 1,800 Shippers Predict Will Be Their Biggest Challenges in 2021

Discover what shippers perceived as being their biggest hurdles in 2020 and what they believe 2021 holds in store. Take advantage of this resource to help plan your supply chain and shipping strategies for 2021. 

Points Of Interest:
  • • 73.44% anticipate increased shipping volumes in 2020 – a 7.21 percentage point increase from the previous year’s survey results that marked the lowest confidence level recorded in the survey’s six-year history
  • • 24.88% of respondents struggled with capacity challenges in 2020 compared to 12.34% that reported issues in 2019
  • • 28.84% viewed trade tariffs as having a negative impact on their business in 2020 (a significant decrease of 14.48 percentage points from the previous year) in comparison to 8.39% that reported positive effects (an increase of 3.19 percentage points from the previous year) and 63.20% that felt unsure (an increase of 12.01 percentage points from the previous year)
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